A day in the life of an Android Developer

Many people have this perception about coders that their job simply revolves around day-to-day activities and coding. We all might have encountered many of our friends who love to code, saying “Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat”. But does this sum up the life of a coder? Or is there something more to it?

With the onset of Covid -19, all of us went through some massive changes. And so did the mobile app industry. As a growing android developer myself, I had to get used to the “new normal”. The Internet has made an enormous array of resources available. However, this information can be overwhelming at times. Technology is evolving rapidly; I must stay on top of it by learning new things and implementing them to solve problems.

Working as an app developer, I get to be at the centre of developing a mobile solution. Development activities typically include producing code solutions for the different user problems/requirements and contributing to the development of technical and design documentation to give the user a perfect and desirable output. Planning, executing, observing, replanning, and implementing it again shows the best outcome, including managing bugs and other technical issues. Regular testing and maintaining source code helps in resolving the new problems.

No matter how great your ideas are, integrating them into the team and company workflow can be pretty challenging. It can sometimes take time to bring about the changes you desire. It can be difficult to get messages and advice through the hierarchy, but I have always excelled at the individuals I have worked with. The people around me are receptive to new ideas and adamant about matching a person’s passion to a change.

When things get tough, it is always helpful to focus on the positives and be aware of technology’s possibilities. Nevertheless, apart from the technical expertise this field requires, it is hard to escape the “hustle culture” that we have all absorbed. Choosing a programming career does not entail giving up our interests and submitting to this harsh culture because we are passionate about it.

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between work and home life with the advent of working from home. As we don’t commute, work gets more attention because we aren’t interrupted by it. The endless scrolling on social media does the same thing; it takes away the natural stopping point.

The skills one acquires outside of work are precious for developers, who are often well-rounded employees bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives into an organization. By creating a life outside of work that is richer and more meaningful, everyone can contribute to a diverse and engaging workplace.

Apart from salary, the workplace environment, the team, the workload, and the working hour usually are a few of the necessary checkouts that every developer should look after before getting into any developer profession. Many times, people need to understand the value of these things compared to the amount of money they are paid. These factors play a crucial role in the mental growth of an individual.

The life of any developer is never easy. They need to be a consistent learner who aims at bringing out new features in the existing application and constantly look forward to clearing out the bugs and bringing in new features. Reducing the risk of getting the application hacked is also a concern.

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