Cost for Developing a Mobile App in India

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Mobile has become an indispensable part of every individual’s life. Almost every other work we do can now be done on a mobile. Developers are working tirelessly to embed every single feature on mobile.

Mobile Applications has helped a lot in making human life more accessible than ever. Every new start-up or industry is looking for having their mobile application; thus, the demand for mobile application developers has skyrocketed drastically. The cost of developing a mobile app in India would depend on numerous prerequisite factors. A few of the factors are:

  1. The type of mobile app to be developed

  • It simply means the category under which we’re going to launch/prepare the app.

  • In addition to that, what are the functionalities we can expect from the app we’re going to prepare

  1. The platforms where the app is going to be launched

  • It simply implies that we need a platform to launch the app. So we need to plan regarding it.

  • Also, we need to plan beforehand if we need the app to work on android devices or iOS or both.

  1. The uses of necessary technical hardware

  • An application that offers the feature of GPS Navigation, Motion censoring can possibly increase the application development price.

  1. The cost of maintenance of the mobile application

  • Once the application is made, the workload increases because a lot of effort must be dropped to keep the work functioning.

  • Adding more to it, the developers would need to add more features and replace the existing ones to keep up with the ongoing trends and updates.

  1. Involvement of third parties

  • If we try to involve other applications in the ongoing application development, it would require a lot of hard work from the developers’ team and thus would increase the cost of the mobile app development.

Now, as we know a few of the factors that are mainly the deciding factors, let’s proceed ahead and learn more about the other things that would require us to invest more in mobile app development.

  • The complexity of the designed UI/UX

  • The more complex the design is, the more time is going to be taken by the developer to code it and the more charges they would demand.

  • It is recommended to keep the UI/UX design simple at the beginning and, with the passage of time, offer updates to give the users a better UI and UX.

  • The set-up of the backend server

  • Setting up a server would even demand a handful penny of investment. However, investment needs to be made on its maintenance rather than the server once the set-up is done.

  • The cost of maintenance

  • Once the mobile app is ready, it would require a lot of debugging and changes to keep pace with the user requirements. 

  • To meet the requirements, users have to necessarily work tirelessly to get the work done and make it public. So the developers need to be paid a reasonable sum of amount for the same.

  • Marketing of the product

  • Once the mobile app is developed, it needs to be launched on some platform and made available to the users via some means. So to make it happen, the owners need to market it and make their application available to the users through various marketing strategies.

So, now we are well aware of where we need to invest and how necessary these investments would mean for us. Now, let’s move ahead a know a little about the types of mobile apps before heading towards the prices.

Web Applications

  • These are generally the websites made for the browsers crafted in such a manner that behaves like a mobile application. However, people prefer typically using mobile applications instead of using web apps.

Native Mobile Apps

  • These are the specific types of apps developed to work in particular environments, i.e., Android or iOS.

  • They provide great UX. Moreover, they have a complex nature.

Hybrid Apps

  • These applications can work in different environments, i.e. they can work in both android and iOS.

  • They are made using a single programming language.

  • The UX is not so great, but the app’s development, management, and maintenance are easy.

Now, we are clear with all the things we need to know before knowing the cost of developing a mobile app in India. So let’s move further and learn about it.

A few firms prefer to make their mobile app in India with the help of a freelancer, while others prefer to give the same task to some companies working in that sector. Selecting the best among these two depends on the choices of the individuals. But if you have a company like IONINKS with you that offers you quality services within a stipulated time frame, then moving towards other people or companies seems effortless. You just need to book an appointment with IONINKS and just have a cup of coffee. The team of IONINKS will get back to you within some time to discuss your requirements and give the required mobile app before the given time limit.

So to know more about IONINKS, you can reach out to us here. But before that, let’s learn about the pricing!

In simple terms, we can say that the cost of developing a mobile application would be equivalent to the number of man-hours invested in the development and the hourly rate charged for the work i.e., cost of development = number of individual hours invested in the development and hourly charges.

Scripting down it mathematically for getting it more clear:

Cost of Mobile App Development = (UI/UX to be designed including the specific features X Time investment) X Hourly Rate Charged for the work

One of the major things that require more attention is the hourly rate. Freelancers charge on an hourly basis and can even charge based on the additional features needed in the application. However, if you move ahead to a company for the same the price may vary but you would receive a full-fledge product in return. If you need the best solution for your product then you can definitely reach out to IONINKS. Get your complete product ready in a stipulated time frame.

So, choose the best who offers you quality products and changes accompanied with great support and memories. IONINKS is your one-stop solution for getting a good cost of mobile application development in India.

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