Emerging startups from Andhra Pradesh in 2022

Every entrepreneur dreams of having their start-up solve the people’s problems or provide support to the people and contribute to society’s well-being. Youngsters these days believe in having their own company where they employ the best and provide them with the opportunity to grow accompanied with their firm’s growth.

Many youngsters believed in themselves and now have jumped into the world of entrepreneurship to make something big. Let’s have a look at the emerging startups from Andhra Pradesh in 2022.


  • “Your Vision to Reality”

  • It’s a budding start-up that aims to provide top-notch services to its clients and offer them a single aim of serving the best. It has completed 100+ projects within a short period of just eight months.

  • IONINKS provides its clients with premium Software and digital solutions. In addition to these, they offer high functional web and mobile applications development services and e-commerce development services along with digital marketing solutions.

  • Being a young start-up, they even offer the production houses a facility to develop OTT platforms. Thus, the clients have an option to get all the premium quality services at a single halt with an affordable price range.

  • The young individuals/entrepreneurs who’re working at the backend make sure that they serve all their services to their clients with a belief of commitment, offer transparency and provide a sense of relief to the clients.


  • COVAXIN – “India’s 1st Indigenous COVID-19 Vaccine.”

  • It’s a pharmaceutical start-up that made a drastic growth during the pandemic by developing India’s first indigenous COVID-19 Vaccine.

  • They are supplying the nation with the doses of COVAXIN; that’s the vaccine we use against the deadly COVID-19 virus.

  • It has got the official approval of the World Health Organization.

  • It has received the WHO SAGE recommendation and the WHO EUL approval for the supply and production of COVAXINE.


  • “A trusted pharmacy retail brand” This start-up got a massive boost in the market because of its fantastic idea of serving the people with genuine medicines and also delivering all these at a better value to the customer by reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain using technology.

  • They have proliferated that they now have their outlets in every other city of the nation.

  • The users get quality medicines at an affordable rate. Apart from that, they even aim at being the number one supplier across the globe in the upcoming days.

  • They are the trusted brand they have rapidly reached out to every corner of every politician city of India. Thus, making sure that people get quality and genuine medicines.

  1. SKYROOT Aerospace

  • “Democratizing Space”

  • Skyroot is an excellent start-up by the entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh who aimed at making something extraordinarily different out of space.

  • They realised the fantastic opportunities available outside space and thus developed a communication medium between the earth and pace.

  • They are on track and have developed technologies to build unique and responsive tools and technologies to travel to space. 

  • The best of all being they aim at serving all these at an economical price range. 

  • They believe that they will envision a future where spaceflight is as regular, reliable and affordable as air flight.

  1. Practically

  • “Learn Practically”

  • It’s a budding start-up that believes in learning practically.

  • They have eventually grown and have won the trust of 200+ schools and have helped more than 3,00,000 students with their academics.

  • The platform lets young learners see how practically all the theoretically explained functions happen in real life. Apart from that, they help the youngsters apply all the learned concepts practically through their platform.

  • Their learning app offers the users an amazing UI and thus helps the students stay engaged throughout the learning.

We hope that you’ve got to know about the amazing start-ups working day and night to secure the future and present of the current generation. They are working rapidly towards the growth of their firm, generating employment, and even contributing to the nation’s overall development. Starting a start-up is not easy but running a start-up is much more complex than another firm’s growth one can think of. In case you’ve any queries, you can drop us a text in the comments.

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