Launching an OTT platform is both feasible and simple.Content producers and multimedia broadcasters may now independently start multi-screen online- video streaming solutions by fully-featured OTT platform provider VISION.

VISION provides you with top-notch end-to-end streaming platforms with a 100% customisable software powered by robust technology, with complete ownership and 24×7 technical support. VISION delivers you with exceptional OTT platforms packed with special features, and native mobile and TV applications that can be deployed right away to take control of your movie production business; generating revenue from your own OTT platform.

Numerous originally plotted movie launches needed to be postponed temporarily due to the COVID outbreak and forced theatres shut. The majority of production companies are now considering OTT platforms for their film releases as an alternative. The movie market appears to have grasped how audiences’ habits for consuming entertainment has evolved substantially. The fact that public perceptions about blockbusters on OTT platforms have significantly shifted is advantageous to the production businesses.

More than 50 movies apparently released on the OTT platform in India last year, according to the 2020 FICCI-EY research. Even prior to any Covid-19 instances were documented. Many people think that the releasing of movies via OTT platforms is a shift that will continue. Filmmakers are increasingly aware that OTT may provide smaller production pictures with no major celebrities with exposure to a wider viewership. Cutting expenses in poster printing and promotion is one of the key benefits of OTT platforms film launch. For directors, publishing in theatres has always been a costly venture. Furthermore, the disinterest from distributors has posed difficulties for low-budget producers.

So, how to build your own OTT Platform for movie

production business with VISION?

With VISION, you can now produce movies using your own OTT platform in just
4 steps; giving you absolute control over your movie revenue.

Book an appointment to create your Video/Audio streaming website

The first step is to book a call or an appointment to help us understand your requirements and proclivities for your OTT platform. Every client must go through this procedure. To launch your streaming website, you must enter all the required information, including Name, Company Name, and Mobile Number. Once it is finished, we will
discuss the requirements of your OTT platform.

Now choose the components of your OTT platform

purpose and content of your OTT platform. you should make while starting your According to your preferences, your content you produce, VISION will packed with brilliant streaming features such as in- app purchases, paywall VISION delivers you an ideal, perfect smooth functionality, increasing reach content distribution.

Here comes the Deployment Stage
Once all the features of the platform are gathered into a single software release with smooth
functioning and the error free configuration, your OTT platform undergoes a testing procedure; analysing its bugs before it goes live. As your OTT platform is ready, it is ready to be deployed with you having complete ownership rights, cloud storage, and an option of third-party integration – giving your audience an amazing experience. But wait! VISION doesn’t just stop here! We further assist you in the maintenance of your OTT platform
as well.

Maintenance Stage

After launching your OTT platform, we assist you with the maintenance of it by working on updates if necessary, upgrading the features upon your feedback, and fixing any bugs after updating the software.

Why Choose Us?

We at VISION strive to augment your movie production business by delivering you a power-packed, smooth, user-friendly, and revenue generating OTT platform with complete ownership and licence. With VISION, you can now take absolute control of your movie production revenue; cutting down the expenses of posters and regional promotions coupled
with access to a huge audience. 

Ready to launch your OTT platform?

Book an appointment now to get started!