How to hire an app developer?

You are incorrect if you believe that mobile applications are only for large corporations such as Amazon or Zomato. Increasingly small and medium enterprises are adopting a digital strategy, realising that an efficient digital strategy entails more than a smartphone-friendly website and that their company requires an application.

In contrast, you’ll find that several small enterprises you engage in on a regular basis now use their own tailored smartphone apps, whether it’s the neighbourhood cafe or the urban hair clinic. When this comes to taking the online marketing to new heights, these enterprises are clearly above the competition.

Considering the importance of app development in the existing tech world, we outlined the steps to hire an app developer for growing businesses like you. But, before getting to that, let me ask you something! Why hire a mobile app developer?

Mobile app development isn’t an option anymore; it is now required for identity, promotion, and purchases. To keep up with the market, business owners in commerce, media, e-shopping, academia, medical, and corporate levels are adopting a digital approach that ultimately differentiates them from their competitors.

A few enterprises are of the belief that hiring an app developer is not essential. Because, those entrepreneurs with coding ability may construct an app on their own, which is easily achieved by a plethora of public and premium developer tools. The issue is that most business owners lack computer experience or are unsure of what they need to construct the correct app. Quite often the simple size of the project necessitates the hiring of multiple individuals, which implies that evenspecialists must finally recruit a crew. That’s when it comes to a situation where you need to employ an application developer.

Now that you want to build an app for your business, you’ll need a mobile app developer. This article answers the question of how to hire a mobile app developer; giving you a comprehensive guide about hiring a mobile app developer for your enterprise.


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What are the ways in which you can hire an app developer?

I. In-House App Developer

Recruiting a mobile app developer as a co-worker is the most usual choice. If there is an existing team in place, then selecting the ideal individual for the job, and making the individual a coworker is a good way to do it. Hiring an app developer in-house is successful for small and medium-sized enterprises, despite the expenses.

However, investing massively for in-house app developers or paying a lot of money for a mobile app developer is not economic or pocket-friendly for the reason that you need the service for a short period of time. So, hiring a mobile app developer for full time as an employee or as a co-worker is expensive.

II. Freelancer

Hiring a freelance app developer is another alternative. This strategy is becoming more common nowadays. With the introduction of freelance websites, any business owner may now employ a professional mobile appdeveloper online. The temporary nature of hiring a mobile app developer relieves the employer of high expenses.


Outsourcing Team

Hiring an offshore app developer allows you to have the best of both. The company recruits app developers on a contract basis. Hiring an offshore app developer is less expensive when compared to employing an in-house team.

Additionally, employing an outsourcing business is totally flexible, which means you may increase or decrease the composition of the team according to the specific demands of the project, eliminating extra expenses in the future.

How to hire a mobile app developer?

Be it an in-house app developer, a freelancer or an outsourcing team, here is how to
hire a mobile app developer:

I. Plan Your Budget

Plan and verify your budget, create a list of all your requirements, if your app should be on Android, or IOS and so on. Now, decide if you want to employ a freelancer or an app developing agency. While recruiting, you should evaluate if a freelancer is capable of handling the idea complexity and key deliverables. Due to financial restrictions, don’t
ever limit your project idea, performance, software, or efficiency. You don’t have to splurge on the project, however, you can’t set the limits too rigid either. You should be adaptable. So, consider your objectives and calculate your spending cap based on them.

Check and Verify the Experience of the App Developers

Begin by seeking a freelance app developer or an established firm. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Freelancer, Upwork, Indeed and recommendations fromindividuals you trust are all options for hiring experienced app developers. The best possible way to find an experienced app developer is by asking your friends. Recommendations from your friends or from someone you know are legit.

To verify any app developer or research the developer’s experience, use the platforms such as Upwork, Indeed, Freelancer and other online platforms of your choice. Further, examine the app developer’s portfolio by looking at their previous work experience and their client testimonials. Client testimonials are one way of examining one’s experience.

Set up Standards and Interview

Before the actual interview, make sure you specify your expectations to them. Try and understand their app development process to ensure that the developer is capable of working with you. Know their technology before even screening them for an interview to make sure that they are the perfect fit for your project.

During the interview, examine the app developer’s expertise, growth method, tools of programming and communication. All these answers will narrow down your app developing applicants.

IV. Look into the Work Culture of the App Developer or the App Developer Company

Though this may seem less significant, considering the work culture of the app developer helps you match with your Company. App developers with different work atmospheres have different approaches to the project and the employer. Make sure that the app developer is a good match and is reliable.

Confirm from your Team

Whether it is a freelancer, an in-house member or an outsourcing agency, talk to your team before you hire your app developer even if the individual is actually going to work remotely. This helps you understand if the individual is compatible with your team.

Communicate Flexibly

When you hire remote app developers, the communication is either through phone conversations, and emails or through platforms such as slack. In addition to the lack of in-person conversations, there is a difference in time zones. So, you have to make sure that these factors do not hamper your communication. Convey your requirements efficiently and make it transparent.

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