Due to digitalisation and the rise in online apps, web design is rapidly expanding . Designing technologies that provide an engaging user experience are sought after by web designers. Figma is a professional web tool that enhances web design through ease of connectivity, teamwork, and distinctive features. The article walks users through the process of building a website through Figma.

Figma as a Web Designing Tool

A web-based interface design tool called Figma has strong and intriguing tools for creating websites. This application offers a convenient arena for teamwork and cost-efficient web design creation. It comprises distinctive design elements that offer web developers a fascinating perspective. It may be useful for many diverse purposes, including prototype, app creation, user interfaces, and vector art.

Using its desktop version, this tool enables individuals to collaborate on their developments both online and offline. Even without the person being connected online, data can be altered. Linux, Windows, and Mac are just a few of the computer systems that Figma supports. The web-based programme is compatible with a number of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Why is Figma a good choice for web designers?

Site designers may readily utilise this web design tool. It functions efficiently in browsers, therefore it is accessible on a variety of systems. Additionally, Figma has a desktop programme that offers virtually all of the features found in its web-based counterpart. For its first three projects, Figma is free, allowing newcomers to practise using the design tool.

Files created using Figma are kept online. Users may view these from anywhere, according to this. Updates made by anyone to these files would immediately be stored. Reversing the modifications is another choice. This tool makes project management smoother since all active projects may be collected in one space.

It is simple to transfer the design files that have been stored to the web with additional web users. Additionally, you may interact with various designers using the shared files. This feature is intriguing since it enables groups of individuals to rapidly communicate data, concepts, and changes.

Figma makes it simple for designers to transfer their work to programmers. Excerpts of code may be shown on any item or frames in the layout using the Figma tool. This code may be shown in a variety of ways, including CSS, iOS, and Android.

This tool’s adaptability makes it possible to utilise it with almost any operating system. Figma is functional with Linux OS, Chrome OS, and Apple macOS in addition to Windows OS. Since Figma is a design tool that works with almost all web applications and platforms, each project member will be ready to utilise it irrespective of their preferred platforms.

How to Get Started With Figma?

First Step is to Create a Figma account

The first step is to create a Figma Account. For this, visit the Figma website and click ‘Sign up.’ This is where your Figma account setup begins. Now, enter your email address and the password you want to use. Click the ‘create account’ button. This will take you to another page where you must provide your name, select your line of employment, and click the ‘create account’ button. You will now be asked to confirm the
email address you provided to create the account.
An email containing a url for authentication would be mailed to the email address you provided. To verify your account, follow the url. If you want to download the Figma App, visit the Figma website and click on Downloads. Now pick a download version according to your operating system. Once downloaded, install the application and sign in to get started.

Enter the Name for Your Design Team

Once you finish email address verification, a pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your Design Team Name. After entering the name, click on “next

Invite Collaborators

If you have a designing team of your own, you can add them on Figma by entering their email addresses. If not, you can skip this step.

Now, Choose a Plan for Your Team

In this phase, you must select a plan that meets your requirements. If you are a new Figma user, you may select the starters plan which allows you to complete your first three projects for free.

Figma Tools To Explore

Once you choose your plan, you get to see a pop-up message as displayed below. If you want a tour of the displayed icons of Figma, click on the “Show me around” button displayed in the same pop-up message. This will take you on a tour of various tools and features of Figma. If you don’t want this tour, you can click on “No, thanks”.

Here is a list of tools you are going to find on Figma:

Constraints: These enable individuals to specify precise limits and adapt layers to their own requirements.
These give basic yet effective pen and pencil tools for web design.
Comments: Users may utilise these to leave remarks about their design files and receive suggestions or input.
Share icon: Users may now share their design files with collaborators and clients. This area allows individuals to adjust authorization for accessing design files. It can also help to improve proper teamwork.
Team library: The library enables individuals to share designs and elements with other teams.
Menu: This includes a file explorer that may be used to find any needed function. The menu may also be used to conduct operations such as reading files, handling addons, and organising files.
Canvas: This is the area of your design work.
Layers: The layers tab organises and displays file components into groups and frames.
The properties panel: This panel has sections for design, prototyping, and inspection. The design tab offers a variety of design options. The prototype tab is the link between the design file and the prototype.

 The ‘inspect’ tab displays a selected object’s properties and relevant data.Figma is a design tool for web designers that allows them to develop distinctive and entertaining user interfaces for phones, tablets, and social media. 

This application offers a framework for  Figma has indeed been creating new possibilities that have increased the standard of site design throughout the decades. The use of innovative design characteristics will transform website design in the IT industry.

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