The journey of IONINKS with Vizag Branch of SIRC of ICAI

ioninks -ioninks

Trust is a small word but has a massive impact on every other individual’s personal life. Being a community of highly determined individuals, it has been not easy to find dependable individuals/teams to get our work done.

“We are glad to work with team IONINKS. They offered us the most premium quality service within short notice. A supportive and highly passionate team like IONINKS can be seen rarely.” – CA Murali Krishna, Chairman ICAI.

Again, IONINKS got an amazing privilege to prove themselves as a top-notch Mobile Application Development service provider in Vizag! A few days back, the Vizag Branch of SIRC of ICAI reached out to IONINKS to get an urgent android application. This application would be a platform to bring out all the top-notch CA educators to a single platform and offer the students or the working professionals with genuine guidance. The application would help the people get an exact pathway for reaching out to great heights in their CA journey.

IONINKS team was astounded by this amazing idea proposed by ICAI. This is going to make a massive impact on society. Moving further, both the team had a long discussion regarding the requirements in the application. The IONINKS team researched well on it and prepared a basic plan that would be followed to implement the desired application. Later on, the team prepared a UI that would be used for preparing the entire application. The IONINKS team presented their plan and the UI design that served all the needs and requirements so the ICAI team. A few changes were suggested later on made and implemented by the IONINKS team. 

CA Swaroop (POC, ICAI) quoted that the basic plan and the design presented by the team of IONINKS was far beyond our expectations. We were impressed and were eagerly waiting to see the final product.

Once the final product was ready and presented to the ICAI team, they were amazed by the output. It was that damn awesome that they never thought of. The fantastic work and the humbleness of the developers who made every change suggested by the client made us achieve the target within just three days. Accomplishing the target two days before the scheduled deadline surprised the ICAI team. The best part is that the developers assured that all the application functionalities were smooth and everything was working correctly.

CA Murali Krishna, Chairman of ICAI, even stated, “IONINKS never disappointed us with any of the tasks we asked assigned them. They always came up with unique solutions for each problem we suggested and gave us the best output. The best part was they offered all these at a reasonable price that we never thought.”

After the project was submitted with perfection and detailings, CA Swaroop (POC, ICAI) said, “Winning the belief of an individual is a challenging task, but the way IONINKS proved themselves, it made us clear that they will be our one spot solution for all our future projects. We assure IONINKS that we would recommend our clients to reach out to IONINKS if they are searching for top-notch services at an affordable price and satisfying their clients. We highly recommend IONINKS and wish their entire team the best for their future endeavours.”

We, the IONINKS team, are obliged to hear such kinds of words from such an amazing team. The great gesture and support offered by the ICAI team are highly appreciable. We’re looking forward to having an amazing time with you in the coming days.

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