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What is your ideal workplace? Now, Don’t tell me it’s your office or your cabin. I am asking your favourite workplace post lockdown and introduction of the whole work from home scenario. After launching work from home and making things online, every corner of my house has become boring and monotonous, generating zero interest to even accomplish the simplest of tasks. But, guess what helped me! A change of place. Again, I am not talking about shifting to an office. I am talking about working from a cafe Working from cafes has brought the best in me. A change of place, change of scenery, delicious food, peaceful ambience and work to complete is the best combination for those who want a change.


                  This article lists out top 7 cafes in Hyderabad to work from.


1. Autumn Leaf Cafe

Just like the name suggests, autumn leaf cafe gives you the vibes of the autumn season with outdoor seating and greenery. With seating under a tree and natural light, autumn leaf cafe is for those who want to work in peace. For those who can’t wait to visit or are planning to visit, it is located in Jubilee Hills.


2. NUE Cafe

Apart from amazing coffee and food, Nue Cafe has luxurious interiors and furnishing with outdoor and indoor seating. It is also located in Jubilee Hills which is compatible even for a team to work from. Nue Cafe gives you the perfect vibes for work for both teams and individuals.


3. Bottega Fine Foods Cafe

Bottega Fine Foods Cafe is from Film Nagar. The concrete type ceiling of Bottega Fine Foods Cafe with its glass doors and photo walls make it cosy. Apart from the gallery, one corner of the cafe even gives you the view of a garden full of greenery. If you want to work from a cosy place with a gigantic menu to keep snacking from, Bottega Fine Foods Cafe is a hit.


4. Sofrehh The Bistro

Sofrehh The Bistro is located in Jubilee Hills. It has this amazon festive and homely interior and exteriors. White tents on the outside, wooden furnishings, simple chairs, with lights and a subtle touch of greenery makes this place a go-to choice. If you’re a youtuber or an influencer, Sofrehh The Bistro is for you. It is beautiful and welcoming during the day. But, trust me! You wouldn’t wanna leave this place during the night. So, if you are a night owl like me, this place is open till 12.


5. Funnel Hill Creamery

Funnel Hill Creamery is also from Jubilee Hills, and offers you a creative workspace. It offers both bright and calming workspaces. With greenery and soft wood furnishings, Funnel Hill Greenery offers peaceful working corners for you.


6. Conçu

Conçu is located in Banjara Hills. It has multiple outlets in Hyderabad like Jubilee Hills, Begumpet, Film Nagar, Kokapet, Sainikpuri, Kompally, Khajaguda, and another upcoming outlet in Shamshabad Airport. With both outdoor and indoor seating, Conçu provides you peaceful work atmospheres and food on the go.   


7. Feranoz Patisserie Cafe

Feranoz Patisserie Cafe has these mid-19th and 20th century walls filled with paintings. It is accessorised with these modern wooden furnishings adding it a sleek look. If you are a dessert lover and are looking to work from Feranoz Patisserie Cafe, it is located in Banjara Hills. 

If you’ve visited any of these cafes or would like to add any cafes to this list, do let us know. 

We’d love to hear from you!

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