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The process of working from home has been induced into our lives as the pandemic struck. The tedious routine of studying and working from home, answering calls and completing projects, may have brought dullness into our lives. To help you break this monotony and enjoy your learning or work, we’ve listed out the top 7 work friendly cafes in Vizag. Imagine working in a pleasant setting with a beautiful view and a cup of coffee on the side. What is more soothing than working in delight?
1. Bean Board, Chinna Waltair

Bean Board is located at Chinna Waltair. Bean Board has this cozy and soothing ambience which makes it one of the best cafes to work from.Its wooden interiors welcome you to work comfortably. The atmosphere is pleasant and delightful.
Moreover, if you’re a frappe lover, Bean Board is for you. Who would want to miss the opportunity to work in peace with a frappe in hand? Irresistible! Isn’t it? 

2. Percolator Coffee House 

Percolator Coffee House is a cafe located along the beach road. If you want to enjoy working in front of a beautiful view of the sea, Percolator is the right place. Percolator has both indoor and outdoor seating areas allowing you to choose your comfy workspace.

3. The Gallery

If you’re an introvert like me, Gallery is for you. Some iced tea, excellent food with an isolated workspace are a perfect combo. Gallery has these corner seats which are aesthetic, cozy and homey. Also, if you have a sweet tooth, Gallery serves some of the best desserts. Recharge your soul with these desserts after an exhaustive project.

4. Bae’s Cappuccino

Bae’s Cappuccino is a resto cafe with a rustic interior. It has both indoor and outdoor seating areas with high ceilings. Above all, Bae’s Cappuccino serves multiple cuisines to keep a check on your hunger while you’re working.

5. Glutton’s Garage

Glutton’s Garage is huge. It is a perfect place for you to work if you want something quiet. Glutton’s Garage, as its name suggests, is garage themed. It has this garage vibrance displaying various items you’d find
in a garage like a metal wall.

6. Brew and Bistro

Brew and Bistro is a pleasant cafe to work from. Brew and Bistro has varied menu options such as nutritious juices, salads, and more; helping you refresh while you work. This is an ideal coffeehouse workspace for those looking for a cafe to work from. And guess what? If you’re bored or exhausted because of work, you can play board games or solve a puzzle.

7. Cafe Coffee Day

CCD is the go-to workspace with multiple outlets across the city. CCD is work-friendly because of its open space, multiple charging points and free wifi.Do you have a favorite cafe to work from in Visakhapatnam? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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