Top 7 Youtube video recording apps in 2022

The covid-19 pandemic opened the doors of opportunities for millions of users to explore the diverse world available around them through the internet. It served as an opportunity for them to explore and learn a lot of new things. YouTube served as a fantastic platform for the growth and source of income for thousands of people.

YouTube is an amazing platform that helps people around the corner of the world learn and earn. People started learning new skills and developed wonderful tools. Today, let’s have a sneak peek into the amazing YouTube video recording apps in 2022.

A versatile tool that can help the users with the flexibility to record the entire screen, or specific part of the screen or record along with the users’ video can be considered an ideal tool. Enabling the users to record video real-time helps the gamers and avid guiders show up with their emotions and provide valuable tutorials.

So, if you’re the person who’s looking for the best YouTube video recording apps in 2022, then here we have a list of the Top 7 YouTube video recording apps in 2022 that are available over the internet. Users can download it and use it on their PC or Mac even we will be looking after a few online tools as well! So, let’s get started!

#1 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: Movavi Screen Recorder

It’s a free YouTube video recording software. It provides you with a user-friendly environment to record your screen and your webcam. The best part is you record the video and adjust its quality. In addition, it provides you with the feature to record both the internal and external sound sources. Adding more to its features, you can get the opportunity to export the recorded video in different fully functional formats that are available with you for “free!”

Sharing more of its features, one can do a scheduled recording. One of the key features for recommending it as the #1 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022 is that one can easily screencast or make easy video tutorials quickly and easily. Apart from that, it offers annotation tools that make it the best tool. However, users would be able to notice watermark over their video in the free version.

#2 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: Tiny Take

Moving further, we can see TinyTake has begged the #2 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022. It is elementary to use. One can easily record the screen (even a specific part of the screen), capture screenshots, and record the webcam.

The key benefit of this feature is that it provides the user with features to import, save, store, or export the recording from its free online cloud storage (available up to 2GB for the free version). The user needs to purchase is a premium subscription to get higher storage. In addition, users can also avail themselves of the annotations, but the plans are pretty expensive. One of the significant drawbacks of using this tool is that the recording limit is only five minutes in the free version and can be used for personal use only. So, you can check out Tiny Take, #2 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022, to get your tasks done smoothly.

#3 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

This is one of the fascinating tools one can see. It offers users to capture the screen and the webcam quickly. Being a handy tool, it gives the features to the users to record some particular area of the screen or the entire screen. It even offers the option to record the webcam or not, as well as it provides the user to record the audio of the system or the external audio even to record both. There are built-in tools to edit and annotate; however, these features can only be available in the paid version; apart from that, this tool is beneficial for providing tutorials. This platform even offers multiple options for exporting/saving the file in a wide range of formats that are used worldwide. The significant drawbacks are that it provides only three minutes of recording in the free version and drops a watermark.

#4 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: Screencast-o-Matic

Now here we have Screencast-o-Matic ranked as the #4 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022 because of its fantastic features. You’re just a few clicks away to get your work done using this tool. It is an ideal tool for recording the screen, the webcam, or even both. It provides the features to record the narration using an external mic. One of the essential values added to this tool is that it offers free music tracks. So it becomes easy for the user to record trim and add captions. Being a handy tool, it even gives the user an easy upload of the video on Google Drive or YouTube. It’s an ideal tool for tutorials. However, like other tools, it doesn’t offer video editing features for free. One can not record their audio internally, and for doing the same, the person needs to have a premium account. The premium version even allows the users to store the files on Dropbox and Vimeo. In addition, it doesn’t even provide the watermarks.

#5 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: Ezvid

Stepping forward, we land on our fantastic #5 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: Ezvid, which is an entirely free video recording app that offers you access to all of its features for free. Yes, all the components can be accessed for free. This tool provides the user to either record the screen or record the screen and webcam together. Another amazing feature is that you can record audio internally and externally (using recording devices) and do text-to-speech narration as well. This tool even offers to edit the video and simultaneously upload it on either Google Drive or YouTube. Apart from all these, you don’t get any watermark over the recordings.

So if you’re recording some long video (should not exceed 45 minutes) or narrating rich content, then our #5 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: Ezvid is the best choice for you.

#6 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: FlashBack Recorder

FlashBack Recorder can be considered as one of the amazing YouTube Recording Apps since it offers all the key features required for recording for free. It has two flavours: Flashback Express and FlashBack Pro. FlashBack Express is a free tool that offers almost every primary feature necessarily required for recording. The user gets the flexibility to record any particular segment of the screen. In addition, the user gets the freedom to add webcam footage to the recording and record the narration from an external source. The best part being it offers all these features for free, and adding more to this, users can easily upload videos on YouTube using this tool. However, the user has a restriction in the format in which the video gets saved/downloaded. The paid version enables the user to download the video in any format and use the editing tools.

#7 Best YouTube Recording App in 2022: OBS Studio

Stepping ahead, we reach out to the OBS Studio. It’s a free and open-source application. The user can easily use this tool for video recording and live stream. One of the key features offered by this tool is that the user gets an option to record a specific window or record multiple sources simultaneously and even the webcam. It even serves the user with its amazing video editing tools and provides transition features. In addition, this tool offers users to mix audios from multiple sources. Also, gamers can even use this tool because the user can easily record gameplay from the consoles.

However, a user’s learning over this platform is relatively minor and can get bored soon.

So, the world has changed a lot during this small timespan, and people have multiple options to boost themselves. However, we need to keep looking forward to new additional features and development to keep ourselves active and ever-learning and growing. You can comment below if you know some other features that can be a suitable choice for use.

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